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荒木町 天
Tempura Arakicho Tenapku

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荒木町 天白


Our tempura is all about fresh, flavoursome, authentic traditional Tokyo-style tempura. Tempura is what we're known for. But we also have a wide range of sweet sake available - from established Tokyo classics to alternative fusion dishes. All are packed with rich, aromatic flavours and all-natural ingredients from nationwide Japan.

「和食こんどう」の系譜を受け継ぐ天ぷら専門店・荒木町 天白

地下鉄丸ノ内線 四谷三丁目駅からは徒歩5分。
四谷荒木町、杉大門通りにある『荒木町 天白(てんぱく)』


「馳走こんどう」の出発点としてこの地に店を構え、ご常連様から長くご愛顧頂いた「和食こんどう」が2022年8月、天ぷら専門店「荒木町 天白」として新たに開店。


また、ソムリエでもある店主が選んだ日本酒は常時10種以上。入口の大型セラーにはシャンパーニュ 、ブルゴーニュ等天ぷらに合わせてセレクトしたワインが並び、様々な好みに合わせたチョイスをお楽しみ下さい。



住  所 〒160-0007  東京都新宿区荒木町8 根本ビル1F (旧和食こんどう) 

電  話 03-6457-8778

営業時間 ランチ  12:00–14:00(ラストオーダー 13:30)
     ディナー 17:30–20:30(ラストオーダー 20:00)



Golden Touch: Tempura & Soulful Dining

Our tasting menu unfolds in two delightful acts: first, a symphony of tempura. Seasonal treasures, cloaked in a light batter spun from rich white sesame oil, sing with concentrated flavour after their dance in the deep fryer. Soft rice, cooked to delicate perfection, provides a gentle finale. Next, tenbara rice crowned with a crispy symphony of shiba shrimp kakiage, nestled on fluffy white rice from an earthenware pot, arrives. And finally, tencha, brewed from the soul of bonito and kelp, warms your belly and your heart.

Our owner, a master sommelier as well, curates a collection of over 10 sakes at any given time. A treasure trove of Champagnes, Burgundies, and other fine wines sits in the grand cellar at the entrance, ready to waltz with the tempura, each note chosen to compliment your palate.

Unwind at the counter, mesmerised by the owner's artistry as they conjure tempura magic before your eyes, or gather friends for a private dinner in one of our charming rooms. Bask in the warmth of genuine hospitality, where every detail resonates with emotion.

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Table Booking

Before you book your table...
  • Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged for cancelled bookings. Cancellation fees may also be incurred in changing the number of persons. In case of the on the day of booking: 100% of the course price.

  • Please note that we will contact you if we have any questions regarding your reservation.

  • We may not be able to meet your request for seat selection.

  • If we cannot contact you 30 minutes after your reserved time, we may have no choice but to treat your booking as cancelled.

  • Children are welcome from the age of 0, but please book a private dining room. In that case, We are pleased to consult the menu in advance.

  • Don't hesitate to contact us directly for reservations for parties of 15 or more.

  • One drink order is required. (Cold tea, hot tea, water, or any other drinks are all charged.) The cost of drinks will be charged with additional payment.

It would be great if you could dress up a bit and show us how your look is cool. But we would appreciate it if you could refrain from wearing such as tank tops and flip-flops.

Special Lunch Deals:
Treat yourself to a delicious tempura teishoku & donburi lunch

231022_天ぷら定食 のコピー.jpg


Tempura Teishoku Set Meals (‘Jo’=deluxe)

車海老、穴子、魚介2 点、野菜4 点、小海老のかき揚げ 小鉢 ご飯 赤出汁 香の物 デザート ※最後のお食事には、小エビのかき揚げを天丼でお楽しみにいただけます。

Tempura: 1 Japanese tiger prawn, 1 conger, 2 seasonal seafoods and 4 vegetables

& 1 kakiage batter-dipped and deep-fried a batch of small-sized shrimps

1 kobachi seasonal side dish

1 bowl of steamed rice

1 aka-dashi red miso soup

1 small plate of pickled vegetables

1 mini dessert

*Enjoy a bowl of kakiage-tendon for your final meal.


231022_天ぷら定食並 のコピー.jpg


Tempura Teishoku Set Meals (‘Nami’=Regular)

車海老、魚介2 点、野菜3 点、穴子 小鉢 ご飯 赤出汁 香の物 ※最後のお食事には、穴子を天丼でお楽しみいただけます。

Tempura: 1 Japanese tiger prawn, 2 seasonal seafoods and 3 vegetables, 1 conger 1 bowl of steamed rice 1 kobachi seasonal side dish 1 small plate of pickled vegetables 1 aka-dashi red miso soup *Enjoy a bowl of conger-tendon for your final meal!


231022_天丼 のコピー.jpg


Tendon Tempura rice bowl

車海老、穴子、魚介1 点、野菜3〜4 点の天ぷら 小鉢 香の物 赤出汁

Tempura: 1 Japanese tiger prawn, 1 conger, seasonal  sh and 3-4 vegetables on steamed rice 1 kobachi seasonal side dish 1 small plate of pickled vegetables 1 aka-dashi red miso soup


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