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About us

馳走こんどう - Chiso Kondo

We serve food that uses seasonal and locally grown Japanese vegetables, fish, and meat in the warm and calm ambience of a cosy corner in Tokyo.
Enjoy your meal in surroundings that have been mindfully
created for you to relax in.


Dine with your eyes

In harmony with the beautiful gradation of colours that come with the transition of the seasons in Japan, we present all our dishes on elegant and traditional tableware from local artists. Savour your meal with your eyes as well as your taste buds.

Specially selected ingredients

We make delicious fusions of traditional and modern Japanese food. The base of good Japanese cuisine is using locally sourced ingredients to make regional speciality dishes. We capture the flavours and the fragrances of Japanese seasonal vegetables, fish and meat grown by local farmers who give great care and attention to quality.

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